Ondřej Bříza

QA Engineer

Ondřej Bříza
You can find various job offers in Pilsen ranging from rail transport to various industrial automation or automotive offers to retail and banking. But whoever wants to do world-class banking works at Global Center Pilsen.
You can find various job offers in Pilsen ranging from rail transport to various industrial automation or automotive offers to retail and banking. But whoever wants to do world-class banking works at Global Center Pilsen.

My career at Diebold Nixdorf
How I wanted to expand my horizons in “fintech”

We leave no bugs in apps

Practically everyone has seen an ATM these days, so it’s pretty easy to describe what I do. My friends often joke that we definitely leave bugs in applications so we can withdraw money from ATMs free of charge. An interesting idea, but miles away from the reality.

Delivery, we do projects for banks from Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, the US and many other countries. People from almost all the continents often gather together on a project, so a really good knowledge of English is very important. My job includes designing test scenarios, testing business logic, testing UI, testing HW communication with an end-user application, testing end-user communication with the server application and testing the server itself. There are a lot of different tasks.

It's an interesting and diverse job. You have to be a bit of an adventurer and be prepared for everything - for example, that you may need to spend some time at the location of the customer during the project or that the customer application will be in Turkish.


Know-how from Banking SW

I used to consider ATMs to merely be boxes which dispense cash. However, now that I know how complicated the development is, including the cash management of the banks, I am almost surprised that ATM withdrawals are free. I found out how the environment around ATMs and the SW solutions works. I learned more about financial transaction solutions.

I enjoy working on global projects. Last year I went to Mumbai, India for two weeks. I met people working on the same projects on another continent, in a totally different culture. I admit that this experience really expanded my horizons.

Work-life balance

I worked in the corporate world in the past and I have to say that the atmosphere at GC Pilsen cannot be compared with my previous job. Now I meet people who enjoy what they do every day and who envision themselves working at the company in the future. Diebold Nixdorf offers its people space to learn and grow. If a person is determined to obtain knowledge about all technologies, systems and individual solutions, all they have to do is decide whether they want to be a specialist for a particular product or a generalist who deals with customized projects with individual customers.

I really appreciate the company's vision of taking people's well-being into consideration and not trying to squeeze them dry. GC Pilsen offers various types of jobs and flexible working hours. Some people have a family and prefer working in Pilsen only, while others have no obligations and would like to experience adventure on projects around the world.

The fact that we have a shower and a bike storage area in the workplace is a great perk for me, so I cycle to work. Then I can just turn off my notebook in the afternoon and in 5 minutes I can go to Hracholusky dam. In addition, we often organize sporting activities outside working hours with our department colleagues. I'm glad we have friendly relationships at GC Pilsen.


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