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We are a Research & Development team. Within Diebold Nixdorf, we cover the development of one of the products - a monitoring system called Vynamic View, whose main function is to monitor the current state of ATMs, both individual machines as well as the entire fleet. In addition to obtaining general information from ATMs, filtering and displaying them, we provide incident processing, data transfer, command execution, all based on automated decision making.

Research & Development (detail oddělení)

It is important for us to respect each other and work together as a team. A good atmosphere, openness and a work-life balance are values we place emphasis on. We deal with problems right away and openly. We act as a team and help each other. Juniors get space to learn and ask their more experienced colleagues for help. We support our people who want to grow, move further or specialize elsewhere – everything can be worked out.

David Štětka, R&D manager

The development of Vynamic View began in the year 2000 in Germany and it moved to Shanghai eleven years later. Since the second half of 2016, development has been taking place at Global Center Pilsen, where we are using technology - Spring Framework, Kafka, React, Docker, Kubernetes. The main programming languages are Java, C++ and Rust, we develop using the agile Scrum methodology. We use Jira, GIT (Bitbucket), Confluence, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Gradle a Swagger.

How does Vynamic View work? It is a client/server architecture where the client runs on an ATM and obtains information from HW, OS, peripherals (WOSA), banking applications, FW and other applications. The information is then filtered and sent to the server where the data is being processed. The user accesses the system via a standalone application, web interface or REST API.

What are we like as a team?

Diverse - by age, personalities or experience. We have both senior colleagues with rich experience and capable juniors – Faculty of Applied Sciences graduates or people with experience. We are also multinational - we currently have several colleagues from Brazil, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and India.

Rodrigo Peroni

It has always been my dream to work in a multicultural team and this opportunity just seemed to be perfect for me.

Rodrigo Peroni, Senior QA Engineer

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What is our work like and how do we work within a team?

Working at the Global Center Pilsen offers many opportunities. There are opportunities to continue to grow, contribute to the discussion and participate in the direction that will be taken as well as to come up with ideas and improvements. We work on a product that is commercially successful with licenses worldwide, that has a history and a clear vision.

We are continually moving to newer technologies, keeping our 20-year-old product up to date. Since the establishment of Diebold Nixdorf in 2016, we have been gradually expanding our customer base on the American market.

Teamwork is really important. We achieve our goals as a team. We plan our work and goals 6 months ahead - in team discussions over goals, work plans, approaches, and task division in general. A detailed division of tasks takes place during the sprint planning every 2 weeks. The team's 6-month goal is a challenge we take on for ourselves. Our commitment is to deliver everything on time.

Who are we looking for on our team?

We are planning to grow in the future, we want to extend our product with new functionalities. Our new colleagues should have a senior attitude and autonomy, respect others and be team players. Unfortunately, we have no use for solo players - teamwork and mutual respect are essential to us. We are open to capable juniors - Faculty of Applied Sciences graduates or people with experience who aspire to become senior developers. We will be more than happy to tell you more in person. Maybe in our offices in Avalon, over a cup of coffee.


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