Maintenance & Support

Our work begins where the agenda of the Delivery team ends. The customers already have their customized version of the product which was tested and approved. And thus the longest period in the life cycle of our application begins - maintenance & support.

It is important to state right at the beginning that we are not a Help Desk or a Call Center (that is located in Poland). The team at Global Center Pilsen covers application support and maintenance. Incidents come to us through the ticket system so our work is not about daily phone communication. Tickets are created by our colleagues from other internal branches of Diebold Nixdorf, or by customers who we provide with product support, support customization and maintenance customization.

Maintenance & Support (detail oddělení)

It's sort of like detective work. We need to delve deep into problems, find the necessary information and then come up with and deliver a solution that will work. We have found in our practice that there is no one-size-fits-all procedure for dealing with incidents. On the other hand, this makes it possible for us to solve things our way. So if you enjoy submerging yourself in a problem and looking for a solution for as long as it takes to find one - you're the person we’re looking for. :)

Honza Rabušic, M&S manager


What are we like? You’ll find out more below, but let's just say we’re a diverse team (thanks to our experience, specialization and age). M&S can become a springboard, an open door to the Diebold Nixdorf world. Both juniors - programming and IT enthusiasts, as well as experienced colleagues - will be successful here. The work we do is not routine and everyone can find a job that suits them. For us, it’s important to always be willing to learn and move forward and to be a kind of detective by nature. Most of us do not travel at all or only very little.

A bit of detective work

An incident comes to us when the Help Desk is at wit’s end. Our work is not routine - we encounter a variety of incidents from different parts of our applications and deal with customer tickets from all continents. At Global Center Pilsen, we are closest to the user and our work has another dimension - we realize that our efforts directly affect people around the world.

What will we definitely make good use of? Logical thinking, experience and insight into different IT areas. The scope of our work is broad. We cover worldwide support for almost all Diebold Nixdorf software banking products which have a number of customizations. Our products are extensive and developing expertise in one of them is usually not a question of half a year. We are looking for people who want to grow constantly, work on themselves and learn new things.

Šimon Šedivák

When my friends ask me what I do, I don't bother them with professional details. I just say I set up software services for American banks. At Global Center Pilsen, we strive to be as informal as possible in the formal world of finance and banks. I think we're doing great.

Šimon Šedivák, Customer Service Manager

Story detail

Want to grow? We give you the opportunity.

We give our colleagues space to specialize in what suits them. We have different roles to grow into within the team. We provide opportunities to develop professionally, or as a trainer or team leader. It is also possible to move to another team or work abroad. We have employee-manager assessment talks once every three months. This is the ideal place to discuss these topics and one’s personal preferences and development opportunities. We also set goals and plan how to achieve them.

Among other things, M&S has set up a team that helps to define maintenance and support processes at the global level, training the right solution procedures across Diebold Nixdorf and also in Pilsen.


M&S roles

A support engineer is a person who is responsible for the application support of our banking software worldwide. They provide Incident Suggestions - adjust configuration, can advise and explain things to a customer, create a problem log and pass it on for resolution. They employ an overview across multiple technologies and are not narrowly specialized. In most cases, they don’t communicate with clients directly but rather work through a ticket system.

40 %

Maintenance Developers on the team

50 %

Support Engineers on the team

10 %

IT Infrastructure on the team


From the position of a Support Engineer, it is possible to grow into other specializations such as a Service Manager who organizes team involvement in international activities and is responsible for the quality of the services delivered. Among other things, they deal with Incident Management, Problem Management or Release Management.

A maintenance developer is another role on the M&S team. The main task is to correct errors and implement smaller scale changes. The software modified by our developers has already been completed by the delivery team and is now running at the customer. This means that maintenance developers read someone else’s code, need to understand the intention and function of the application, make the necessary changes and not damage it. It is possible to achieve the position of Maintenance developer through the position of a programming enthusiast/novice. The basics of object-oriented programming, logical thinking, an inquisitive nature and the willingness to learn many new things are required.

IT infrastructure - Colleagues who specialize in IT infrastructure are also part of our team. They work on a wide range of activities in our branch. They build and operate development, testing and support environments for all Pilsen teams, provide IT services for individual employees and expert consultation on IT infrastructure operations in banking institutions.

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